Improve Your Psoriasis Condition With Turmeric Curcumin Paste


If you have psoriasis then you know how unbearable this skin condition can get at times. Since it's a painful and itchy rash, most of the times people will feel like scratching it, causing it to spread even more and also damaging their skin in the process. However, the latest treatments in the medical world incorporate turmeric which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that is guaranteed to help improve your psoriasis condition within the first few uses. 

Take turmeric in capsule form 

If making a turmeric paste is not something you'd like to consider, then you should consider taking curcumin extract capsules. Be careful though, because ever since it has become popular, turmeric has been the target of shady online sellers who are selling fake variants of it that do nothing to help improve your health, including your psoriasis condition. It's only by doing a lot of research that you'll be able to have the peace of mind you got your hands on the real deal, so do dedicate some time for this. 

Make the paste

When it comes to making the turmeric paste, you'll first of all need to consider placing some water and the turmeric powder in a pan until it begins to boil. After that, let it boil and stir continuously until you get a thick paste. When you get that, it's time to remove it from the pan and allow it some time to cool off properly. Remove the paste from the put and then transfer it to a dish that you know can handle high temperatures. 

Transfer it to a glass jar

At this point, you'll need to transfer the paste to a glass jar and seal it with an airtight lid. To prevent leaking, you should also place it in a plastic bag and that is due to the fact that turmeric can cause permanent staining. 

Use it on your skin

Now that you have finally managed to make your turmeric paste, you should apply it on your skin, specifically on the areas affected by psoriasis. Again, it's very important that you'll do it over the sink or in the shower, since it can stain quite easily. 



You can then proceed with covering the areas with gauze or just wait for thirty minutes without covering it with anything and then wash it off. Your skin may be yellow from the turmeric paste for up to 7 days, so don't be afraid it's not going to come off when washing it. It will eventually go away.